From tinkering to pioneering

Our first interaction with 360fly (at that time GoPano/ EyeSee360) team was awesome. They showed us this utilitarian contraption, consisting of a parabolic mirror, vertically attached to a lens, then assembled onto a camcorder. They recorded the distorted mirror, then unwrapped the image by software. Magically, it produced a 360 degree view of the surroundings. “Can you commercialize this? We’d like it to be a consumer product.” After a long pause and a head scratch, we said: “Heck yes.” Then we rolled up our sleeves and... 360fly has since raised upwards of $65M in investment from notable investment firms.

  • Year:
  • 2013-2014

# Nothing Missed

Ready, set, ACTION!

Action cameras had become a definitive category. People love capturing their adventures, but the current user experience demands the person filming give up some of their fun to focus on the video. There’s also a lot lost in the footage: cameras see what we see, despite the fact action happens all around us. We thought the 360 technology makes for a perfect answer: awesome action cam that captures all around us. We’d miss no friends’ nasty spills, nor awesome shark shadows looming in the nearby waves.

Experience, uncomplicated.

The concept of filming, then plugging in the camera, downloading GB of data, sifting through, editing and beautifying on one’s computer to finally share with the world, seems a terribly cumbersome experience. What if we clicked a single button to record, previewed videos right on the phone, “liked” only the interesting bits, and shared the good stuff on social media instantly? That sounds far better, doesn’t it? Great: that’s what we’ll do.

Built like a tank. Crafted like a crystal.

We built the 360fly Action Cam for battle. Whatever the adventure is, it takes the beating alongside the user. That doesn’t mean it should look like a tank, or resemble an industrial device, but considering the extreme nature of it, we thought it was appropriate it looked like an offspring of Darth Vader and Hal 9000. The surface of the device is shaped like a crystal, adorned with 360 unique shapes. You can throw it against the wall, take it to 50 meters under water and even strap it to a jet. Boo-yaa. That’s what we call engineering.

Designing a small camera that can be thrown against the wall is no small task. Our engineering team crafted an assembly that withstands 10 G-forces of acceleration (you can stick it on a fighter jet) and maintains water resistance underneath Niagara Falls.

The magic lies in careful design, thoughtful development, rigorous design validation testing and obsessive dedication to details. The resulting design means there’s no need for external protection cases, user can simply enjoy the action, and rely on 360fly to capture the fun.

1. Preview clips directly from camera
2. Like good bits by holding heart icon
3. Select thumbnail
4. One-tap compile and share on Social Media


  • Strategy and Creative Direction:
  • ––– Mladen Barbaric
  • ––– Minkyu Choi
  • Industrial Design:
  • ––– Minkyu Choi
  • ––– Minsung Bae
  • Hardware and Software Architecture:
  • ––– Justin Lee
  • ––– Edgar Moon
  • ––– Bryan Kam
  • ––– Katie Oh
  • Mechanical Engineering:
  • ––– Sungmoon Kim
  • ––– Bonggeun Kim
  • Art Direction:
  • ––– Denis Olenik
  • Graphic Design:
  • ––– Denis Olenik
  • ––– Olga Pechanko
  • CGI:
  • ––– Den Brooks
  • Project Management:
  • ––– Boris Barbaric
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