Un–design firm

Designing Success TM

In 2008 we created an un-design firm

As corporate product guys in our past, we’d hired every notable design firm. We felt however, that our interests were never aligned: we wanted great products, but we always got beautiful PowerPoints and gorgeous mockups. Successful products, whether software or hardware, aren’t fully baked until they are in the hands of consumers and achieve what they’re meant to achieve. When we set out to create Pearl Studios, we wanted to build a company of real makers, to design successful products and businesses. In 2008, we did just that.

  • Mladen Barbaric, founder and CEO

Supercar designer, elite swimmer, turned brand and product craftsman. Known for brutal honesty and obsessive perfectionism. Always interested in holistic business innovation, using design as a superpower, and a method of problem solving. Has over 40M products in use by people. Believes in more with less, and likes to form sentences without a subject.

we’ve built to design success

We brought together a team that knows how to ship, how to connect to user, how to get over manufacturing issues, and prepare for the unexpected. A serious team of makers. Because we understood building successfully goes far beyond design concept.

Pearl picks few clients each year, but provides:

  • brand and product strategy
  • industrial design
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • firmware engineering
  • testing and validation
  • compliance and regulatory support
  • supply chain, assembly and in-line testing setup
  • UI / UX design
  • system architecture
  • application development
  • web development
  • visual identity system development
  • print & digital assets development
  • packaging development
  • visualization and photography
  • pr & marketing support
  • fundraising support
18 disciplines

The Pearl difference

Success is in the execution. Everyone loves Misfit SHINE, but when we tell people that we designed 1656 microscopic holes to light up the 12 “invisible” lights on SHINE, maintaining both 10 ATM waterproof and maximizing power consumption, they think we’re crazy. No, we didn’t wait for a manufacturer to figure it out: we just rolled up our sleeves.

One Vision
One Execution

We function differently. We consider brand, product, experience and product-market fit, as one singular challenge. Similarly, we feel that holistic development means that the UX, design and engineering must be done together. So, we develop concepts we ourselves bring to life: we don’t pass the buck. This outlook changes how we recruit, how we function, and ultimately, it changes how we align interests with our partners. It ensures our goals are your goals.

We’ve been rather effective

We’ve produced some serious hits and partnered with great people. We were pioneers in wearable technology, created disruptive strategies for Fortune 500s, as well as key startups.

Building not just products, but platforms

We’ve always felt that effectiveness lies in building holistically. Brand, product, experience, and every interaction with the customer must be delivered in one unified voice. In this we’ve excel. As a result we’ve been able to build stronger connections between customers and products.

From lamp to jet

We’ve solved many problems. With each, our knowledge and experience has grown exponentially. While some people focus narrowly, we find the breadth of experience allows us to think outside the box, and solve using unorthodox methods.

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